About us - Cotton Bay

Welcome to Cotton Bay - where style and passion unite across the bay area of Australia!

Cotton Bay was born from the dreams and passion of two sisters with a shared love for fashion and a deep bond reinforced by their connection to the vibrant and scenic bay area. Proud to share our journey with you, we invite you on an exploration through our world of elegance and style, inspired by the breezy, lively spirit of Australia's coast.

As children, we grew up in a home where creativity and fashion were always in the forefront. Our mother, a talented seamstress with a keen eye for detail, taught us the art of crafting and blending fabrics. We often played with her sewing machine, quickly discovering that fashion was not just a means of expression, but also a way to enhance self-confidence and highlight inner beauty.

As the years passed, we decided to take our passion more seriously and delve deeper into the world of fashion. We studied fashion design and apparel production, gaining invaluable experience in the fashion industry. It was during this journey that we realized we could fulfill our dreams and inspire others to embrace their style.

Cotton Bay is our answer to that calling. Our collections reflect our personal style, a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary trends, all inspired by the unique beauty and lifestyle of the bay area. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality clothing and accessories that are comfortable, affordable, yet chic. Each piece you find in our store is carefully designed and selected, because we believe that everyone deserves to look fantastic and feel confident.

The name "Cotton Bay" symbolizes for us unity and the power of collaboration, inspired by the cotton plants that dot the landscape and the expansive, welcoming bay that has always been our home. It's our way of remembering that, while we are unique as individuals, we are stronger together and share a common vision: helping people discover their own style and confidence.

We believe that fashion is more than just wearing clothes; it's a way to express your personality, tell your story, and boost your confidence. At Cotton Bay, we encourage you to be yourself, embrace your style, and let your inner beauty shine through.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We hope you are as excited about Cotton Bay as we are. Together, we can create a stylish and confident world where everyone can shine.

With love and style,

Sisters and Co-founders of Cotton Bay